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The Bragging Rights!

ladymaxx a posted Mar 18, 15

Great job & thank you for participating in this random building contest.  

Don't worry, there will be plenty more contests for you all to participate in.

Thank you all for being such amazing Clutch citizens!

nacmacfeegle Still think hamburger in bikini should have won.

Congratulations to the winners of the contest! & thank you to everyone who participated!

Since this is a 3 way tie, all winners will recieve 1st place prizes!

Prizes will be given when you are seen online.

NyanKatD spence wont leave im here hahahaha and good idea Ladymaxx but we all know death would win shes so good at everything ! ...
DeathbyKarma a
DeathbyKarma @ ClutchCraft SMP
Totes down for a tiebreaker.

Minecraft Username Changes

DeathbyKarma a
DeathbyKarma @ ClutchCraft SMP
posted Feb 5, 15

If you are considering changing your username, there are some very important pieces of information you should be aware of before you take the plunge. This post will give you a brief overview, while the forum post linked at the bottom will outline each point in more depth, as well as allow you all to ask questions.

KEEP IN MIND: This was a Mojang change. Much of what happened affected our plugins, something we have little to no control over. The plugins are mostly IGN-based, so when you change your name, that alters everything on the plugin, as if you were a new player. Just remember that we didn't do or cause any of this, so please be patient and understanding as we tend to each player that changes their username.

What's affected when I change my username?

- Sethomes

- Claims

- Shops


- Money balance

- Saved horses/pets

- Voting

- Jobs

Basically, these plugins were all tied to IGN. So when you join the server, it's as if, in a way, you're a new player. Your ontime remains the same, but everything above is reset to 0 (with the exception of money - you have 100 starting out).


What stays the same when I change my username?

- Your rank, either donator or staff

- Inventory


That's really it. Obviously there are a lot more cons than there are pros in the list. Much of what we have on the server is IGN-based, so many plugins 'broke' in a sense when usernames change. We're by no means trying to dissuade you from changing your username. Many people have been wanting to change theirs for a while now (myself included!) so we definitely understand the want. Just understand that getting your feet back under you after you do is going to take a lot of work, mostly on the staff's part. We're the ones who can look back at claims and sethomes and help you fix them with a new username.

A couple things we will not change, simply because we can't without a massive amount of work per player:


- Jobs

- Recorded votes up until this point

Money is one of the things that was causing the economy struggle in the server in the first place, and as such, we have decided that it would be best to give each player a starting amount of $1000 on top of the $100 you start with. We're sorry if you've saved up a lot, but it will help the economy in the long run, and money can still easily be made by doing jobs. The plugins themselves aren't broken, it just causes an issue with the new usernames.

Horses and pets' saved data has vanished, so you will have to purchase/reset them again. If you need money for a horse purchase, just let us know.

Again, PLEASE be patient with ALL staff members as we help everyone out. It is going to keep us very busy for a while, and continue on every time a member decides to change their name. With that said, think of something you'll want to keep for a long time, as doing this all over again if you change your name after the 30 days is something we cringe to think about.

For more in-depth information and to submit questions, please go Here!

Thank you for all your cooperation, and as always, thanks for playing on Clutchcraft!

Slime It also seems to mess things up if you were banned
Imiptat Since it is so much work for everyone involved, why not make a rule for no user name changes? I think it is confusing an ...
ladymaxx a Thanks for the info, Trend!

February Monthly Voting Contest Results!

DeathbyKarma a
DeathbyKarma @ ClutchCraft SMP
posted Mar 3, 15

Hello Players of Clutch,

First of all, we apologize for the hiatus of this contest. Many things were going on the last few months and we're sorry that it wasn't kept up with. But it's back, and we'd like to thank everyone for all of their votes this month!  It really does help the server get more exposure and more players joining.
Here are the top 10 non-staff voters this month :-
According to, here are the winners for the month of February :- 
7PurpleCrayons   - 1 Month FREE Obsidian 
Imiptat                    - 1 Month FREE Diamond
Rhyliesays                 - 1 Month FREE Emerald
Congrats to you all! You will receive your ranks the next time we see you on the server.
Voting is extremely important to ClutchCraft continuing on as a server we all love to play on.  Voting has been essentially cut in half, over the last 4 months.  We cannot survive like that, honestly.  I urge you to support us by voting as we all don't want this server to one day disappear.
Thanks again for continuing to play!
ladymaxx a Thank you all for your support! ...

Deathtrap House Winners!

DeathbyKarma a
DeathbyKarma @ ClutchCraft SMP
posted Feb 28, 15


giblej22 What is the server ip??
spencerlondon Selfie!!!!!
NyanKatD Woah Ur texture pack is amazing!!!! it makes every1 look amazing! and IM FAMOUS!!! ...