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chandlerp3 Where can it be at? What are the rules?

Server Bill

ladymaxx a posted Dec 9, 14
(Save Our Server)
I know it has been really hard on the server & we just want to let you know that 
we have about 6 days to raise $114 to keep the server alive for another month.  
We are struggling to pay the server bill & really need your help so ClutchCraft can survive.  
Every little penny helps us.  
Thank you all for being awesome & sticking with us, even in our down times!

If you wish to donate to the server, but don't want a rank, 
you can donate directly to on paypal. 
All donations go into the server fund
rossheadford ladymaxx go to your paypal on the CC one Im happy do give you this as you have given me a great time also I got a new ...
DragonMaster145 Only 3 more days? How much has the server made?
ToxicEnvy Are obsidian ranks stackable? If so, I'll donate 30 bucks for the three month, but at this point, I'm not really sure if ...


ladymaxx a posted Dec 2, 14
Your cake was absolutely amazing! Not only was it tied into one of your other builds, but it represented everything about my birthday with an wicked cake description. AND, it played happy birthday! Such beautiful music. Awesome job!

Great job & thank you to everyone who competed!
It was awesome seeing all the creativity.

For anyone that wants to see the cake, /warp Cake.
If you have fly, fly to the top and through the middle of the cake. That is where the music is the clearest.
VirFidelisCO16 @ ClutchCraft SMP
Stay tuned, I may be making more note block covers ...
spencerlondon Congrats Vir! Sweet cake ...
ladymaxx a & thank you all for the birthday wishes! <3

Holiday Rank Sale!

ladymaxx a posted Dec 1, 14

Don't forget to pick up your donator packages today, or give one as a gift for Christmas!
Happy Holidays! <3 ~ ClutchCraft
shihao21 Does anyone know how to fix Java path? It's screwed up and minecraft can find it... that why I havent been playing...

Maxxine's Birthday Event!

ladymaxx a posted Nov 12, 14

More information on this contest can be found in the Forum.
Herobrine735 Happy Birthday!
Dr_Octangonapus Is this because I started a cake revolution to overthrow the staff? (viva la revolution!)